Innovating new ways to

visualize our world

through AR/XR & 3D

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Advanced Macular Degeneration & Low-Vision

With our revolutionary technology, we are helping patients reclaim their vision across a variety of visual impairments.

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Ocutrx is advancing technology in multiple fields of medicine, bringing new visualization methods to a growing world of digital tools.

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Creating new processes for inspection and transforming visualization with 3D technologies.

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Helping companies develop through the application of advanced visual technologies.

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Developing solutions for companies to enhance visualization in the realm of industrial manufacturing.

Wow. The potential here is unending.

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AR Device Maker Ocutrx Expanding With Acquisition

May 02, 2023

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Ocutrx Technologies Receives Three Patents On Near-eye Pupil-forming Catadioptric Optical Engine

November 18, 2021

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Ocutrx Technologies Leads the Field With Three Patents On Near-eye Pupil-forming Catadioptric Optical Engine

November 17, 2021

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Ocutrx medical device products are being designed with the intent to improve surgeries with enhanced 3D capture and visualization. All information in this website represents the design goals of Ocutrx Technologies,Inc. and has not been evaluated by the FDA, nor granted a MDR/CE approval. These products, except for the OcuLenz for AMD (which is FDA 510(k) exempt) have not been cleared by the FDA and are not for commercial sale in the United States. These products have not yet been granted MDR/CE clearance in the UK or Europe.