Studies show that 97% of vascular surgeons report that pain is present at the completion of an operation. More than 15% of ophthalmic surgeons limit the amount of surgeries they perform due to spine injury. However, the OR-Bot has been completely designed from the ground up with surgeon ergonomics at the top of mind.

OR-Bot screenshot

OR-Bot operates as a collection of multiple Ocutrx products:

OR-Bot Features

The OR-Bot operates as a collection of multiple Ocutrx products within a completely 3D pipeline. Featuring Camtrx™ 3D Microscope, Stereolenz™ 3D Monitor, MiniLenz™ Viewport and the ORLenz™ AR/XR Headset

Charging Station

The ORLenz headset has a 4 hour battery life and contains an "Hot Swap" battery, allowing a battery to be changed without interrupting the digital surgery feed, and is stored in the OR-Bot Charging Drawer for quick access.

Automatic Positioning

The OR-Bot follows virtual track markers on the floor, allowing it to retreat after surgery or change positions to the other side of the gurney automatically, and making it faster to re-set the OR after each patient – meaning more actual surgery time.

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