CamTrx™ 12K 3D Digital Microscope

CamTrx is an all new digital microscope that provides many additional and beneficial features beyond the reach of the legacy microscopes.

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12K Sensor Array

This powerful design boasts 49 megapixels for incredibly high resolution imaging, 14 stops of dynamic range as well as exceptional light sensitivity for a wide range of applications. An available color spectrum of 69 billion colors allows us to look beyond what the human eye can see to target cells and highlight defects or areas of importance.


Camtrx is capable of resolving down to 5 microns with 6x optical zoom and because of its 12K sensor design, gives an additional digital zoom of up to 96x at 4K resolution and up to 192x at full HD. This allows for incredibly detailed imaging at high magnifications.

3D Imaging

The greatest power of Camtrx 3D imaging is giving spatial awareness by providing best in class depth of field. This grants surgeons with extraordinary accuracy when performing delicate tasks.

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