ORLenz™ 5K XR Headset

Our revolutionary ORLenz 5K XR headset displays 3D holographic images and drastically improves ergonomics by giving surgeons freedom of movement and positioning. ORLenz headsets are available for surgeons, techs and students which will bring learning alive.


The ORLenz features Medtiles™ technology keeping important surgery information in view. The articulating cameras rotate downward 90 degrees allowing the surgeon to look down while maintaining comfortable head positioning.The headset has a 4 hour battery life and contains an "Hot Swap" battery, allowing a battery to be changed without interrupting the digital surgery feed.


The ORLenz is a completely wireless headset which uses our patented WiDtrx™ technology to receive the 3D surgery feed with nearly zero latency. It is enabled with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 5G Edge technology giving surgeons access to information within a secure network.


The ORLenz can connect surgeons from across the globe to work together for the good of their patients, so that the operating surgeon can be aided by another surgeon from anywhere in the world. The headset can mirror imaging data across multiple headsets allowing students to learn in a 3D environment.

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