Changing our world through 3D visualization.

The Oculenz AMD AR/XR headset (for low-vision patients) and StereoLenz 3D monitor (which allows users to see a 3D image without 3D glasses) are nearing commercialization, with seven additional products forthcoming. Reach out to get involved.

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The company is currently acquiring capital, collecting pre-orders, and recruiting medical and scientific boards members.

Ocutrx obtains investments through referrals, Boustead Securities, and our Investor Relations team. For more information, please contact us.

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Our Patents

8 Issued

Eye-tracking, AR

Visual field test, AR

Dynamic Opacity

Foveated Rendering

Telehealth Monitoring

Optical Engine

116 Pending

45 patent families

MedTiles, ORLenz, Or-Bot & Scopetrx have been filed and are pending.

160+ Expected

Additional patents have been filed on features such as micro-displays, applications, connectivity, and more.

Please reach out for more information.

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