Our Story

Man in uniform

When inventor and Brigadier General Richard Freeman was first diagnosed with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), he had no idea how quickly his life would change.

Gen. Freeman, a fighter pilot who was accustomed to flying fighter jets two times the speed of sound and an entrepreneur who built a large computer company, was not prepared to sit on the sidelines during his golden years. Gen. Freeman looked to his sons, who were also inventors and entrepreneurs, and said, “we've got to figure out a way to fix this disease.”

His sons, however, were already contemplating a correction.

Their background in computers and video led them to create an AR/VR solution that would indeed "fix" their father's disease and also correct the devastating effects of AMD. Not long after the AR headset for low vision was prototyped, the brothers realized their invention would also serve many other markets.

Michael and Mitch Freeman invented streaming mobile video in the 1990s. We still use this technology over 20 years later when we make video calls over cellular networks. This innovation won the brothers two Emmy Awards and two Frost & Sullivan's Powering the Internet of Things awards. To date, Michael and Mitch have over 80 combined patents in six scientific fields.

Two Emmy awards

Our Team

Michael Freeman headshot

Michael Freeman


Mitchael Freeman headshot

Mitchael Freeman


Kevin Griffin headshot

Kevin Griffin

Chief Financial Officer

Victoria McArtor headshot

Victoria McArtor

Chief Communications Officer


Jim Gatzimas headshot

Jim Gatzimas

Chief Business Development Officer, Electronics

Simon Prosser headshot

Simon Prosser

Global Director of Surgical Applications

Marc Stenzel headshot

Marc Stenzel

Low Vision Sales


Jordan Boss headshot

Jordan Boss

Chief Product Engineer

David Kessler headshot

David Kessler

Chief Optical Engineer

Ben Rafiee headshot

Ben Rafiee

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Steven Von der Porten headshot

Steven Von der Porten

Senior Optical Engineer

Ian Oswald headshot

Ian Oswald

Chief Software Engineer

Plus an additional 100 hardware & software engineers and other technicians.

International Medical Advisory Board

Thomas Finley

Retina Surgeon, Tulsa Retina Consultants | Chair

Richard Lindstrom

Retina Surgeon, Minnesota Eye Clinic

Cuong Vu

Retina Surgeon, Retina Group of Washington

Daniel Ting

Retina Surgeon, Singapore National Eye Center

Ronald Krueger

Refractive Surgeon, Nebraska

Diane Whitaker

Optometrist, Duke University

Hugo Mercado

Retina Surgeon, APEC, Mexico City

Sam Garg

Clinical Ophthalmologist, UC Irvine

Pat Yoshinaga

Optometrist, Ketchum University

Michael Albert

Retina Surgeon, University of Alabama

Lars Freisberg

Retina Surgeon, Tulsa Retina Consultants

International Surgical Steering Committee

Mark Blumenkranz

Retina Surgeon, Stanford | Chair

Thomas Finley

Retina Surgeon, Tulsa | Chair Emeritus

David Street

Vascular Surgeon, Oregon

Daniel Palanker

Retina Surgeon, Stanford

Thomas Krummel

Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Stanford

Kevin Turner

OBGYN, Washington

Ernesto Bali

Retina Surgeon, Brussels

George Caputo

Retina Surgeon, Paris

James Rodgers

Neuro + Spine Surgeon, Tulsa

Peter Odland

Dermatologist, Washington

International Scientific Advisory Board

Bill Link

Ophthalmologist, KOL| Chair

Daniel Ting

Singapore National Eye Center

Tom Radebaugh

Spectrum AMT

David Kessler

SPIE Senior Fellow

Andera Baschirotto

University of Pavia,IEEE Senior Fellow

Piero Malcovati

University of Pavia, IEEE Senior Fellow

Stuart Karten

Karten Designs

International Surgical Review Committee

Ernesto Bali

Delta Hospital, Brussels, BE

Eduardo Rodrigues

SLU, St. Louis

Claus Eckardt

Klinikum Frankfurt-Hoechst

Stanislao Rizzo

University Hospital Rome, Italy

Gabor Scharioth

Klinikum Datteln, Germany

Peter Stalmans

Univ. Hospital Leuven, BE

Jose Garcia-Arumi

IMO Barcelona, Spain

Borja Corcostegui

IMO Barcelona, Spain

Stan Chang

Colombia Univ. Med Center, New York

Tarek Hassan

Royal Oak Hospital, Michigan

Carl Regillo

Wills Eye Hospital, Pennsylvania

Guarav Shah

Barnes Retina Institute

Kevin Blinder

Barnes Retina Institute

Asheesh "Ash" Tewari

Beaumont Hospital, MI

Thomas A. Finley

Tulsa Retina Consultants

James Rodgers

Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital

Michael Koss

Eye Center Nymphenburger Höfe, Munich, Germany

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