MiniLenz™ 3D Digital Viewport

The MiniLenz Viewport works in tandem with Camtrx 12K 3D Digital Microscope and is a revolutionary replacement for traditional microscope oculars. The key benefits of the MiniLenz is its ergonomic design and high resolution 3D viewing experience.

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High Resolution 3D Viewing

The MiniLenz delivers a 3D viewing experience in 5K directly from the Camtrx Digital Microscope and allows the surgeon to find a healthy, ergonomic working position and to make adjustments to their posture without losing view of the surgery image.

Cobotic Arm

Unlike traditional microscope oculars, which are mounted to the microscope and only allow for one viewing position, the MiniLenz is mounted on a cobotic arm and is positioned using touch or voice activation.

Head Tracking

Head Tracking is a system built into the 3D viewport that allows it to see and align itself with a surgeon's face and enables it to track the motion of their gaze to always remain comfortably in place even as a surgeon moves.

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