StereoLenz™ 8K Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Monitor

StereoLenz is a truly “Glasses Free” 3D Monitor that functions without the need to wear polarized 3D glasses, which reduce the brightness and view of the digital surgery feed. This unique technology works by directing two sets of images – one to the left eye and one to the right eye – which the brain puts together and interprets as one 3D image.

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High Resolution

StereoLenz 3D Monitor delivers 4K resolution to each eye giving incredible detail and accuracy to the viewer.

Glasses Free 3D

The truly “glasses free” technology means there is no obstructive polarized glasses or any other external device needed to view this monitor. Moreover, multiple viewers can all see the same 3D image at once.


Head Tracking is a system built into the 3D Monitor that allows it to see and align itself with a surgeon and enables it to track the motion of their gaze to always remain comfortably in place even as a surgeon moves.

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